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Facilities(19th-21st Floors, JR Oita City)

21th Floor

Open-Air Bath
(Natural Hot Spring: High Concentration Carbonate Spring)
Tenku Side Terrace

Enjoy the view of Oita City from our Open-Air Bath, 80 meters above the ground.

21th Floor

20th Floor

Changing Rooms, Inside Bath
Finnish Sauna
Aroma Steam Sauna
Café-Bar Tenku

Café-Bar Tenku provides drinks and simple meals.

20th Floor

19th Floor

Healing Spa
(Aroma Salt Spa, Tenku Lounge etc.)
Grand Phyto Nature
(Body Care, Beauty)

The Healing Spa features bedrock bathing and lounge facilities, and can be enjoyed by guests on a Healing Plan.

21th Floor

Hours of Operation & Prices

Hours of Operation


■Healing Plan・・・・Until 23:00 ■Access Plan・・・・Until 23:30


Healing Plan

Weekday ¥2,300

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ¥2,500

Includes Spa entry, access to the Healing Spa and Tenku Lounge. (for ages 13 and above)

Spa Access Plan

Weekday ¥1,800 (children ¥1,100)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
¥2,000(children ¥1,300)

Includes Spa entry only.

■Towels are provided (included in the entry price).

■Children 3 to 12 years of age are charged children’s prices.

■Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to enter.

Application of special rates

There are periods when special rates are applied, such as the New Year's holiday, Golden Week, and Bon etc.

Explanatory Notes

◆Entry to the Spa is strictly forbidden for the following individuals. If such individuals are discovered within the Spa they will be required to leave immediately, and refunded the cost of entry. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

Individuals of any age with tattoos (including stick-on/removable tattoos) Individuals who are not fully toilet trained ・Drunk individuals ・Individuals suspected of having skin diseases or other contagious diseases ・Individuals engaging in annoying or dangerous actions ・Individuals bringing pets ・Children under the age of 13, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian ・Individuals taking pictures or videos with a camera, video camera, phone camera etc. *Individuals discovered taking pictures or videos will be required to leave immediately, their camera films confiscated and/or data deleted.

◆City Spa Tenku takes no responsibility for any personal losses due to accident, injury, theft, or misplacement of possessions. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

◆Guests will be liable for all repair or other costs due to the loss, damage or defacement of any Spa equipment or fixtures.

A replacement fee will be charged upon the loss of a changing room locker key (¥5,000) or shoes box key (¥3,000).

◆Temporary exit and re-entry into the Spa is not permitted.

Entry Process

  • Place footwear in a shoes box

    After arriving on the 19th floor, please take off your footwear and deposit it in a shoes box. Please bring the key of the shoes box to Reception.

  • Choose an entry plan at Reception

    Please choose either the Healing Plan, which includes access the Bedrock Bathing and Lounge, or the Spa Access Plan, which just includes entry to the Spa.

  • Receive your towel and changing room locker key

    Please take your towels and changing room locker key. For guests who purchased the Healing Plan we supply special clothing for the Healing Spa, as well as a special beige towel.

  • Please proceed to the changing rooms upstairs

    The changing rooms are located on the 20th floor. For guests using the Healing Spa, please change into the Healing Spa special clothing and proceed with your beige towel to the Spa on the 19th floor.

  • Bathing and using the Healing Spa

    Please enjoy the Healing Spa on the 19th floor (for guests who have purchase the Healing Plan), the Inside Bath and Sauna on the 20th floor, and the Open-Air Bath on the 21st floor. Please keep the key to your changing room locker on your wrist while bathing, and be careful not to lose it.

Points to be Noted when Using the Spa

  • Please take a shower or wash yourself before entering the bath.

  • Please do not put towels inside the bath.

  • Please do not put hair inside the bath.

  • Please refrain from talking loudly in the bath house.

  • Please put wash basins, stools and other items back in their original places after use.

  • Please dry your body re-entering the changing room.

  • Please wring out any wet towels before re-entering the changing room.

  • Photography is forbidden in the changing rooms, Inside Bath or Open-Air Bath areas.

  • No food or drink is allowed.

  • It is forbidden to enter the bath wearing swimming wear.

  • Individuals with tattoos or who are not fully toilet trained are not permitted to enter.

Regarding Bathing Wear
(for female guests)

Please wear Bathing Wear when using the Open-Air Bath on the 21st floor. (Bathing Wear is available at the entrance to the staircase from the 20th to the 21st floor.)

Please wrap the Bathing Wear around your body and fasten with the buttons.

How to fasten the buttons.

  • ・Please wear when using the Open-Air Bath.
  • ・Bathing Wear may be worn inside the bath.
  • ・Please place in the return box after use.
  • *Reminder
  • Please do not use in the Inside Bath or Sauna.

Using the Healing Spa

The Healing Spa is only available to guests who have purchased a Healing Plan.
Please make sure to wear the Healing Spa special clothing when using the Healing Spa.

Before using the Healing Spa

  • 19th

    Please take your special clothing and beige towel from Reception on the 19th floor then proceed upstairs to the changing rooms on the 20th floor.

  • 20F
    Changing Rooms

    Please change into the Healing Spa special clothing on the 20th floor. It is recommended that you have a bath beforehand to warm the body and stimulate perspiration.

  • 19F
    Healing Spa

    Please proceed to the Healing Spa on the 19th floor, bringing your beige towel.
    *Please remember that the special clothing supplied must be worn inside the Healing Spa.

*Guests who require paper shorts (A charge) please notify a nearby staff member.
*Please make sure to drink plenty of water and stay within your physical limits.

How to Use the Healing Spa

  • Gentle perspiration

    Lie on top of the beige towel, regularly alternating between face-down and face-up positions to stimulate perspiration. Please drink plenty of water before use, and stay within your physical limits.

  • Cool Spa

    Refresh your hot body with a quick dip in the 15˚C water of the Cool Spa.

  • Leisurely rest

    Rest at your leisure, enjoying the view or a good book.
    We recommend ending your spa experience with another dip in the hot bath.

Explanatory Notes the Healing Spa

◆Please stay within your physical limits when using the facilities.

◆Please refrain from use if you have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart disease, are pregnant, or after alcohol or a large meal.

◆Please be careful of low-temperature burns.

◆Please note that precious metals such as those in jewelry may get very hot and cause burns.

◆Cleaning is carried out at regular times. Thank you for your understanding.

◆When there is a special event, access to the Grand Löyly room is not possible until the event has finished. Thank you for your understanding.

Please refrain from talking inside, as this may disturb other guests.

Please refrain from bringing food or drink into the room.

Electronic devices such as mobile phones and cameras, as well as comic books and magazines are not permitted into the Aroma Spa, Grand Löyly or Cool Spa.

◆Photography is permitted in the Tenku Lounge and hallway. Please be considerate to other guests.

◆Please refrain from actions that may disturb other guests.

◆Free Wi-Fi is provided for your convenience. Please turn the sound off when using the internet.

◆Mobile phones and computers may be charged using the power sockets provided.

Fee Settlement and Exiting the Spa

  • Using the Café-Bar and Body Care

    Please inform staff of your locker number when using the Café-Bar or Body Care. You can pay for these items together with the entry fees when you exit the Spa.

  • Using the Automatic Vending Machines

    Please scan the bar-code attached to your locker key under the red light from the vending machine, then press the button corresponding to your choice of item. You can pay for these items together with the entry fees when you exit the Spa.

  • Settlement

    Please present the key to your changing room locker at Reception. We will then settle your account.

  • Receiving Your Shoes Box Key

    After settlement is complete, you will be given the key to your shoes box. Please remove your footwear from the shoes box.


Access Map

Access from Oita Station

Exit JR Oita Station from the Funai Chuo Exit (North Exit), and take the elevator on your right directly to Reception on the 19th floor.

Access from Oita Airport

Roughly 60 minutes from Oita Airport on the Airport Express Bus (Airliner).
Alight at Oita Station and proceed up the City Spa Tenku Direct Elevator to Reception on the 19th floor.